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The following comments have been taken from some of the letters, thank you cards and emails that Simon has received from clients and spectators:

"Simon's tricks were as good as the food - simply magical!"

(Gary Rhodes, celebrity chef, UK)

"There are no words to describe the magic you see and feel when Simon is performing. You have to see it with your own eyes, and I promise: it's breathtaking....."

(Iris Kuehnapfel, Bochum, Germany)

"This guy is awesome! His tricks are amazing."

(Matthew King, Derbyshire, UK)

"I saw Simon at my work's Christmas party, and his card tricks were fantastic!"

(Victoria Berrie, Oxfordshire, UK)

"I have seen Simon perform a couple of times now, and have always enjoyed his performances. He has fantastic communication skills, pulling groups into his magical world and keeping everyone hooked.

As a fellow performer, I normally watch OTHER PEOPLE be amazed. But Simon whipped the rug from beneath me, with some unique twists and turns in his performance, leaving ME amazed!

A great, fun entertainer! And a pleasure to watch!"

(Anthony Laye, magician, Sydney, Australia)

"Simon is not only a remarkable magician but a consummate performer, really making you believe that you've somehow 'spoilt' the trick or that he's made a mistake, before pulling out the finale with breathtaking aplomb."

(Luke Kadinopoulos, Duesseldorf, Germany)

"Thank you very much for entertaining us on such a 'wintery' evening."

(Beatrice Caston on behalf of the International School of Duesseldorf, Germany)

"Simon graciously accepted my offer to perform at my husband's surprise 40th birthday party.

We had an eclectic group of people from all parts of our lives, and all parts of the world. Our group ranged from 3 years old to 65 years old and Simon did a fantastic job of entertaining us all. His presence was not at all intrusive and it felt very natural to have him at our home. His range of magic talent is amazing and I especially enjoyed the card tricks.

I hope to have another reason to hire him again in the near future."

(Ginger Hustrulid, Duesseldorf, Germany)

"I saw Simon performing at a Christmas party. It was so much fun, and amazing to see. I really did not believe in things like magic, but he has made me believe in it! Simply incredible!"

(Janina Luelfs, Duisburg, Germany)

"..... just a short note of appreciation to say thank you for helping entertain and enthral our audience at our recent fundraising event.

People who attended the gig were amazed and bemused by your close-up magic.

We very much look forward to your return when we finalise our next gig."

(Gary King on behalf of 'Tremblers II', Staffordshire, UK)

"Simon has a dazzling array of magic skills. From card magic to escapology, I have been both amazed and bewildered at the same time by how he does it.

I would certainly recommend Simon for any corporate or private event."

(Simon Christopher, Duesseldorf, Germany)

"Simon is an AMAZING magician and mentalist. He never ceases to captivate me, and leave me wondering: 'how did he do that?'

Simon performed at my 30th birthday party, keeping guests entertained and leaving us all deep in thought and wanting more."

(Natalie Loundras, Duisburg, Germany)

"Simon skillfully combines mind blowing menatlism with classical card tricks, to create a thoroughly entertaining performance."

(Jon Berrie, Oxfordshire, UK)

"... Thank you so much for performing at our wedding!

Throughout the evening, I could tell from the complete amazement and surprise on people's faces that your magic was going down a treat!

And despite putting you on the spot by asking you to perform in front of the entire wedding party, you executed a super trick, which left us all stunned!"

(Saffron and Christos Tsiasiotis, Duisburg, Germany)

"I have seen Simon perform on a number of occasions, and he never fails to impress. Whether he is performing card tricks for small groups, or major magic acts, I am always blown away. I can't wait to see his next act!"

(Darron Hunt, Duesseldorf, Germany)

"We LOVED your magic tricks each night after dinner on board the Arcadia!"

(David and Carole Taylor, UK)

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