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Close-up Magic


What Is Close-Up Magic?

Close-up magic is performed with the audience up close to the magician. This style of magic employs a personal (and often interactive) approach, being performed in front of small groups of spectators. Most people have seen magic on the television, often concluding that the illusion "must have been a camera trick". Similarly, with stage magic, it is easy to assume that the effect was simply the result of "smoke and mirrors". Close-up magic, on the other hand (when performed well), appears totally inexplicable and amazing, as the magic happens right in front of the spectators' eyes. At such close range, the magic appears transparent and undeniable - there are definitely no camera tricks or fancy props! Close-up magicians create the impossible from simple, everyday objects pulled straight from their (or their audience's) pockets.

Table Magic

The term 'table magic' refers to close-up magic that is performed as dinner entertainment. The magician walks from table to table, performing a few illusions to each group. Hiring a table magician can be a great way of breaking the ice and getting the conversation going amongst fellow diners.

Mix and Mingle Magic

Magic performed at drinks receptions and parties, where guests are not sitting at set tables for a meal, is referred to as 'mix-and-mingle magic'. The magician 'mixes' and 'mingles' with guests, moving from group-to-group to perform his illusions, and often encouraging 'audience participation'. Hiring a magician to work in this way eases the pressure on the host, allowing them to relax in the knowledge that their guests will be kept entertained.

"Simon's tricks were as good as the food - simply magical!"

(Gary Rhodes, celebrity chef, UK)

"I have seen Simon perform a couple of times now, and have always enjoyed his performances. He has fantastic communication skills, pulling groups into his magical world and keeping everyone hooked. As a fellow performer, I normally watch OTHER PEOPLE be amazed. But Simon whipped the rug from beneath me, with some unique twists and turns in his performance, leaving ME amazed! A great, fun entertainer! And a pleasure to watch!"

(Anthony Laye, magician, Sydney, Australia)

"This guy is awesome! His tricks are amazing."

(Matthew King, Derbyshire, UK)


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